MB Comics Studio is a part of Make Believe Productions, a production house focusing on ad films, documentaries and music videos.

MB Comics Studio is a one stop studio for all kinds of original artworks, illustrations, sketches, graphic designs, cartoons and comics for Business, Entertainment and Educational purposes.

We are also one of the few rare studios who specialize in COMIC BOOK PRODUCTION SERVICES. Meaning, we handle not just the illustration part but all the necessary works involved in creating a comic book series or a graphic novel such as, scripting, storyboards, characters / background design, line art, colouring and lettering.

May it be Horror Comics, Sci-Fi Comics, Adventure Comics, Children's Comics, Fantasy Comics, Mystery Comics, Crime Comics, Slice of Life Comics, Historical Comics, Mythological Comics, whatever the genre is, if you have an interesting comic book or graphic novel project in mind and are looking for dedicated, reliable and affordable team of writers and artists, then MB Comics Studio is the right place for you.

Comics artist illustrator sketching India