'Sivappu Kal Mookuthi / Girl with a Red Nose Ring'


Magesh Artist


2D Artist & Colorist

Born in Kumpinipet, a small town 5 kms from Arakkonam and raised in Chennai, Magesh is a B.Sc computer science graduate from D.G.Vaishnava College. His father works in Ulratech Cement Factor and his mother is a house wife. Due to his passion for creating artworks, he joined a multimedia course to enhance his knowledge in the field and then started his career as a Graphic Designer in the year 2010. 

During the month of March 2014, Mahesh's artworks on his blog was noticed by Director Nandhini JS and she immediately signed him up as one of the artists for her new bilingual Graphic Novel project.  He is now very happy to be a part of it since his passion of creating new character designs and colouring comics has came true. Magesh's future dream is to work at Walt Disney. 

Check out his artworks in his blog - http://mageshd2d.blogspot.in/

Sainath Artist


2D Sketch Artist

Sai's family hails from Nagercoil. His father was a sign board artist who was very passionate about art and persuaded Sai to learn it during his younger days. Sai also realized his love for drawing and sketching and went on to complete his degree (BFA) at the Government College of Fine Arts, Chennai. 

He was working as a 2D Animator and 2D Illustrator in a company when he came to know that Director Nandhini JS was looking for artists for her comics project. Being an ardent lover of comics art, he joined the team. He feels now that this project is a great platform for him to create and learn more. His future idea is to start his own comic book house and publish comic books.

Check out his artworks in his blog - http://saaiartist.blogspot.in/


Assistant Writer

A visual communication graduate from SRM College and an aspiring filmmaker from Chennai, Gerald has worked as an assistant director in recent films and in many of director Nandhini JS's projects. 

He has devotedly worked as the Assistant Script Writer to turn Sivappu Kal Mookuthi's story into an engaging screenplay and then into a comic book. He says it was an exciting experience for him to help script a Horror-Thriller story and being a part of the very first modern Graphic Novel in Tamil. 

He loves meaningful, soulful cinema but is also fond of crime thrillers, sci-fi and cult films. He hopes to see 'Sivappu Kal Mookuthi' made into an interesting movie soon and is eager to be a part of it too.




Music - Ashwath
Lyrics - Mani Kandan
Camerawork - Shreedhar Rajasekar
Animation & Editing - Nandhini JS


Assistant Cameraman - Gothanda Ram Prakash
Actors - Prem Krishna, J. Muruganandhan, Naveen Senthilnathan, Nawaz, Shobana Dhiman, Sowmya Ragunathan.

Music Arranged By - Christopher A Raja
Backing Vocals - Aparna Narayanan, Harini, Varsha Hari
Bass & Additional Programming - Johnson Barath Kishore
Premixed By - Hari Rajasekar
Mixed & Mastered By - Abin Pushpakaran (Nadabindu Studios)